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A bigger iPad in the works?

by on07 November 2013

Between 12 & 13 inches for 2014

Rumors from a number of sources are claiming that Apple is currently testing both a 11.4 inch and 12.9 inch large screen iPad models for potential release in early 2014. These new iPads have been dubbed the iPad maxi as you might have guessed.

Apple has been long rumored to be experimenting with larger screened iPads, but sources say that only in the last couple of months has the company stepped up their efforts as a larger screen tablet market is emerging. A number of analysts believe that the move could help Apple in the corporate sector where the larger screen models could end up being popular.

It is rumored that both Quanta and Foxconn have built different prototypes with larger screens for Apple, but apparently nothing has been decided just yet. Some do believe however that Apple will move to show off this new larger screen iPad in March of 2014.

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