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Retailers to sell own-brand Tegra Note tablets

by on06 November 2013

Currys and PC World in Britain

When Nvidia announced its first tablet, the Tegra Note 7, it said it would be sold through its AIB partners, so for example if you wanted one you could get one from Zotac in Belgium, or an EVGA branded one in Kansas.

EVGA and PCY were supposed to handle the North American market, Zotac and Oysters were supposed to take care of Europe and Russia, Colorful, Gigabyte, Shenzen Homecare Technology and Zotac were the partners of choice in the Asia Pacific region, while Xolo would sell the tablet in India.

There was no mention of letting retailers sell the tablet under their own brand, although we speculated this was a possibility.

Currys and PC World have now joined the club. They will sell the tablet in Britain under their own brand, as the Advent Vega Tegra Note 7. It will be available in stores and online from 15 November, preorders will be available tomorrow.

The price stands at £179, as expected. It makes us wonder whether we’ll see more deals with other big brand retailers in Europe and in other markets.

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