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Samsung admits its software is rubbish

by on06 November 2013

Focuses more R&D talent on software

Samsung is finally telling the world what everyone who ever came across one of its Android-based TouchWiz phones knew already - its software needs work.

Samsung CEO Kwon Oh-hyun told reporters that the company’s software simply can’t keep up with its hardware. Therefore, Samsung has enlisted half of its R&D team to work on software rather than hardware. Sammy will also try to poach new talent from startups and smaller outfits. The company will also open more overseas R&D centers to meet local and region specific needs.

Of course, this doesn’t mean Samsung won’t keep coming up fresh hardware – it just means it won’t ruin Android as much as it does now.

Samsung also outlined five new form factors that are expected to lead innovation in the mobile space. These are phablets, curved phones, wearables, flexible devices and folable devices. The powerpoint slide used in the presentation also shows a pair of smart glasses. Samsung has not confirmed the existence of such a product, but it filed a patent for it last month, reports WSJ.


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