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Life for sale is sold

by on30 June 2008


Going once, twice…SOLD!!!

The eBay auction of a disenfranchised Aussie’s life for sale has finally come to a conclusion. The eBay auction ended successfully, but yielded almost $96,000 less than the price hoped for.

As we wrote about earlier, Ian Usher of Perth, Australia decided to auction off his “life” (including his furnished home, his friends and a try-out for his job) after his most recent relationship broke up.  Unfortunately, the eBay auction site did not work properly initially, and Usher received numerous bogus bids from non-registered bidders, reaching up to A$2.2 million. He discovered that many of the bidders were underage and not authorized to bid at all.

After the auction debacle was sorted out, the winning registered bidder agreed to pay Usher A$399,300 ($380,286) for all of his earthly goods, including a motorcycle and jet ski. The buyer is Australian.

Usher has a Web site where he provided regular updated on his auction at, and now plans to travel in search of his new life.  We wish him the best.

Last modified on 30 June 2008
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