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Ubisoft follows EA’s lead and kills online passes

by on01 November 2013

From Assassin’s Creed 4 forward Uplay is no more

Ubisoft has decided to follow Electronic Art’s lead and kill off the Uplay Passport program. For those that didn’t know the Uplay Passport program was Ubisoft’s version of the online pass program. Starting with Assassin’s Creed 4 and going forward there will be no more online pass requirement.

So another publisher abandons the online pass system and says that the reason for choosing to do so was the listening to what the gaming community wanted. We think the reality is that that the online pass program was more trouble than it was worth and it really never made the kind of impact that it was intended to do so. The decision was likely a good one by Ubisoft since others like SCE and Codemasters had already moved to drop the online pass and Ubisoft appear to be one of the last hold outs.

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