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AMD R9 290X is officially €399 + VAT

by on24 October 2013

US $549 + tax

We just got the official R9 290X price from AMD and the price of this card in Europe is €399 + VAT. In Germany the card should end up at 474.8 euro, France 477 euro, Austria 478.8 and in Denmark and Croatia the card should end up at 498.75 euro due to their high VAT rate of 25 percent.

In Luxemburg, a country with 15 percent VAT, Radeon 290X will sell for 458.85 euro, the absolute lowest price in Euroland. We expect that etailers and retailers adjust the price slightly to make more money but €399 is the suggested retail price without VAT. The full retail price will probably be around the €499 mark in most markets. 

Our readers in the US will have to pay $549 like we said yesterday, and tax comes on top of that depending in which of the 50 states you happen to live in. People in Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware will pay $549 as this state don’t have a sales tax but our friends in Silicon valley will have to pay 10 percent tax which will make this card 603.9 USD in the most expensive part of California. (They can afford it. Ed)

The days of tax free Amazon shipping are over and since online sales are booming, states just make generate more tax revenue from online sales.

The cards are listed at Newegg and European DACH oriented Geizhals price search engine, but we still have hard time to find them available online and ready to ship at any price. Let's give them a few hours, or days.

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