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Xbone headset adapter not coming till next year

by on21 October 2013

Owners of expensive headsets can’t be pleased

During the entire headset drama of why a headset was not being included with the Xbox One and how players would use Kinect for voice chat, Microsoft revealed that a headset adapter would be coming at some point in the future.

The adapter would allow owners of expensive Xbox 360 third party headsets to be used with the Xbox One’s propriety digital audio port on the Xbox One controller. The thing is that now we are learning that Microsoft will not be making the headset adapter available till next year. The news is sure to come as a blow to those that own expensive 360 headsets.

While Microsoft has confirmed that they will be shipping a headset with the console now and that should hold players over till the adapter arrives. Microsoft also has not made it clear how much this headset adapter will cost when it finally arrives in early 2014. At least some headset makers are also waiting till 2014 till they launch their new headsets for the Xbox One. It is difficult to say if this is because of the adapter or manufacturers want to wait till a significant number of consoles have been sold.

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