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Wii U sales for September were good

by on21 October 2013

Nintendo claims 200% increase over August

Nintendo is apparently please with the September sales of the Wii U. The numbers for September showed a 200% increase in sales over August. Of course this comes on the heels of price cut on the Deluxe Wii U offering by $50 which made it match the price of the previous Basic Wii U offering.

In addition the Wii U sales were also fueled by the Legend of Zelda: The Wind Walker HD. The HD conversion of the game also seemed to be a hit with Nintendo fans. Still longer term Nintendo needs more software support for the Wii U in order to attract more developer attention.

The majority of third party publishers and developers are not developing for the Wii U right now and Nintendo needs to change that. Nintendo needs to attract more software for the platform in order to keep up and so far that has not been happening. The sales of more consoles will help get the developer and publisher attention which if Nintendo can sustain it this should lead to more third party titles for the platform.

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