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Windows 8.1 update just launched

by on17 October 2013

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Windows 8 was released October 26, 2012 almost a year ago, and today we expect to see the Windows 8.1 update roll out. Windows 8.1 is a reaction to the huge level of dissatisfaction expressed by many users who upgraded to Windows 8 and lost some of their beloved features such as the Start button, which is back.

Again the Start button as you knew is part of the update, the button now will land you at the Windows tiled start page and it won't list applications like in Windows 7. Right click will give you easy access to some nice features including programmes, mobility centre, network connection, control panel and a dozen other options, including shut down.

Internet Explorer 11 as well as Skydrive are now bundled, along with the calculator, recorder and a few other accessories and utilities that have found their new place by default. Improvements include new DirectX 11 features, improved performance as a whole and app pan is now butter smooth.

Joe Stegman, Group Program Manager at Microsoft, showed off the Windows 8.1 features in a short video included at the bottom of the story. 

There are two options for update first one is rather automated as it starts with Windows Store. You need to have account there and it even works for preview edition 8.1 that we had before. The strange thing is that you cannot find the update until you use the link from Microsoft's website, at least we could not.

The update is 3.6GB heavy and after the download it reboots your PC, warns you that you will have to reinstall applications but the files will remain intact. That is great news for people with a few dozen large applications, as these things take time.

You can get more details at Microsoft's blog here


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