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Rockstar continues to work to fix GTA V

by on03 October 2013

Monitoring everything to find answers

Rockstar continues to work around the clock to solve the GTA Online issues that came with the release of the online part of GTA V. The list of issues that are causing stability problems is long, but Rockstar has been updating its support pages with all of the latest info that the developer has on the issues.

To fix the problems Rockstar is monitoring everything closely, including monitoring its support focus and social media. The developer is also using in game data to help track down what is causing issues and trying to figure out the best way to swat the bugs.

While Rockstar is sorry that players are having issues, they are thankful that the fans are being patient while they are resolving the issues. The developer feels that they are making progress a source tells us and they are working around the clock to resolve the issues as quickly as possible.

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