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Power your phone with body heat

by on02 October 2013

Eva Green will never need to recharge

A bloke who claims to have worked out a way to power a phone on body heat has just been given a $75,000 NASA grant. Loyola University New Orleans physics professor Patrick Garrity claims to have fixed the problems with thermoelectric technology.

While the tech has been around for a while it is about as efficient as a US congress. The $74,523 grant will allow Garrity conduct beta tests at Stennis Space Center in Mississippi's Hancock County. Garrity's invention uses a thermoelectric device that resembles a small square chip. Once heat enters the chip, Garrity has created paths to guide the heat specifically.

On the bonus side it means that the permanently hot and sweaty can make a contribution to the national grid. Put Eva Green into a room with six men and they will be enough to power Poland.

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