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Dance to charge your phone

by on25 June 2008


New gizmo from GotWind and Orange

When you are out in the middle of nowhere with a dead phone battery, you are no longer out of luck, provided you have the new recharging device from GotWind. With it all you have to do is dance to recharge your phone battery.

Mobile phone operator Orange has announced that it has partnered with GotWind, a company which specializes in renewable energy. The GotWind device is a recharger that is powered by kinetic dance energy alone.

According to Orange, the prototype GotWind charger weighs about the same as a mobile phone and is only about the size of a deck of cards. The device attaches to a user’s arm and relies on weights and magnets, which provide an electric current to provide a charge to a storage battery; the storage battery is then used to recharge the mobile phone.

We always knew there was another purpose to dancing and exercising beyond staying fit, and here it is.

Last modified on 25 June 2008
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