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AMD GPU 14 kicks off, for real

by on25 September 2013

Well worth the wait

AMD’s John Taylor kicked off the GPU 14 event after a rather embarrassing delay. He was upbeat though.

“We’ve got something very special for you,” he said. “Well worth the wait.”Taylor then introduced Radeon boss Matt Skynner, who showed a clip from Dying Land, a 2014 title. He stressed the importance of good audio experience and went on to talk about AMD’s unified gaming strategy.

“From console, to PC client, to cloud gaming, with AMD’s unified gaming strategy,” he said. Skynner stressed that content developers are key to the new approach. “AMD is the foundation for high end gaming platforms, moth on consoles and on the PC. And that is something our competitor cannot do,” he said.

He also stressed that it is possible to come up with a more efficient programming model, leveraging the same tech used in PCs and consoles. Skynner said AMD’s goal is to help developers come up with more immersive, ultra realistic games.

“We’re trying to get realism on the screen,” he said. Skynner then mentioned a few developers, including Crytek, Irrational and other outfits. “We feel we are helping change the gaming industry. Every single next-gen console is built on AMD technology.”

Skynner also brought up Never Settle bundles and said AMD is focusing on the future, such as 4K/UHD and with UHD the need for GPU processing power grows rapidly. He noted that the PC gaming industry is growing, according to Jon Peddie and it will go from $18 billion to $21 billion by 2016.

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