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iPhone kid whining goes viral

by on23 September 2013

All that is wrong with the universe

A video of a whining precious snowflake who does not like the fact that his parents upgraded his phone to iOS has gone viral. The video shows Jack Colling, 4, is reduced to tears after he turns on his iPad to play one of his favourite games, Plants vs Zombies, only to discover that everything has changed.

Apple hoped that its new operating system iOS 7 would refresh the look of its tablets and iPhones and make people think that there was something fundamentally different about them. Apparently Colling gave it the sort of review that you would never see in the New York Times. As his father tries to comfort him asking, "what's different?" about the new operating system, the boy wails "everything!".

The reason that the whinging kid has gone viral is that he is a figurehead for a lot of cross Apple fanboys out there who really do not like the upgrade. Over the weekend social not working sites were moaning that they were having problems installing the software and when they got it they were not happy bunnies.

Of course complaints were routinely matched by fanboys telling the dissatisfied that they personally had no problems installing it, and this was the best OS ever. Of course, friends on my Facebook page were advised to smash their iPhones with large hammers, but I always say that.


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