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"1999 will be the Year of Linux" bloke says things are nearly there

by on19 September 2013

Hohndel says Linux is everywhere

He was talking to home crowd but it seems that Linux kernel developer Dirk Hohndel made another comment about this being the year of the Linux desktop. Talking to the LinuxCon Hohndel admitted in 1999 he was the first to predict the 'Year of the Linux desktop."


“Predictions are hard, especially about the future. But if I changed it from the year of Linux desktop and changed it to a decade and a half from now client computing will be mostly Linux, which has happened."

He said that client computing today is mostly Linux. Thanks to Android on smartphones and tablets, plus the rise of Chromebooks, Intel sees Linux as the leading end-user operating system. Hohndel said: "Outside of the community, most people don't see Linux's impact. Linux is usually invisible. When you go to any large Web site--Google, Facebook, Twitter--you're using Linux."

Even the most die-hard Windows users are invisibly using Linux every day, Hohndel said that, thanks to Android, Chrome OS, and the Linux that dares not speak its name (Ubuntu), the Linux end-user experience has never been more popular. But it is still a long way from many people turning on their desktops and running Linux.

Last modified on 20 September 2013
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