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Criterion said not to be working on Burnout

by on17 September 2013

In fact they are not working on a racing game at all

As we reported yesterday, Criterion has been paired down to just 15 developers that are working on a secret project. What we don’t know is what it is, other than EA saying that it is something new.

According to the whispers we are hearing, something new means that it is not a new Burnout game. A new Burnout game or a true sequel to Burnout Paradise is what many people want, but if it happens it does not look like it will come from Criterion.

So what is this something new? Well, beyond knowing that it is something new, we also hear that it isn’t a racing game and it is something new. It will be something developed by a small team and it is something that was done by choice. Those left at Criterion are there by choice and because they didn’t want to make Need for Speed games and they wanted to do something different.

No real idea what it could be or when we will hear more about it, but it is new IP and that is always a good thing these days when you have an established group of developers produce something new.

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