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Amazon reveals it has Intel inside its cloud

by on13 September 2013

Will stick logo on consumer screens

Intel has scored a marketing coup by getting Amazon to admit that it runs Xeons in its AWS EC2 compute cloud and sticking its logo on its cloud computer screens.

Intel has been trying to increasing its visibility in the cloud and now it seems it will have a hand from Amazon Web Services. Amazon released a list of the processors it uses with Xeon used for everything but its smallest, micro servers. Ariel Kelman, Amazon's head of global marketing based in San Francisco told the Intel Developer Forum that AWS' was adopting the Intel branding.

He said that Amazon will be running some customer instances on new Xeon E5-2600, second generation, Sandy Bridge chips before the end of the year. The E5-2600 is a two-socket CPU. The ES-2600 v2 comes with up to 12 cores per CPU, up from eight in the first version launched in March and will improve performance over the first generation by 35 per cent.

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