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Motorola stuffs up its Apple abuse

by on13 September 2013

You forgot you thought of it first guys

Motorola scored an own goal when it decided to rubbish Apple’s iPhone fingerprint reader. Its social notworking team thought that it was onto a winner when it went onto Twitter to mock the iPhone gimmick. After all you are effectively giving your fingerprints to Apple’s iPhone even if the company claims that it stays on your phone.

“Remember that one time you were stoked to give your fingerprints? Us either,” the tweet reads. While we think the iPhone5S is a waste of time and money, we think Motorola is suffering from memory problems over fingerprint technology.

Motorola’s own flagship phone of 2011, the Atrix, offered a fingerprint reader long before Apple. The Atrix, which is still being sold by Motorola, integrates its fingerprint reader into the wake button on the back of the handset.

What Motorola should have said was “Apple copies one of Motorola’s least popular features and claims it has cured cancer.” That would have been more accurate at least.

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