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Intel VP confirms continuation of socket CPUs

by on12 September 2013

IDF 2013: They are here to stay

One quite significant confirmation from we got at the IDF came from our conversations with Rani N. Borkar, Vice President General Manager, Intel Architecture Development Group, who spent some time talking to Fudzilla.

It turns out that desktops are going to be on Intel’s mind for a bit longer than some industry watchers expected. These have been some rumours that Intel plans to get rid of socketed processors and this is not what Rani told Fudzilla.

Rani said that Intel sees the importance of the desktop market filled with gamers and enthusiasts, therefore the chipmaker wants to continue to support this community. Intel is watching closely to this market and it realises that enthusiast market doesn’t grow much but it doesn’t shrink either. Gamers are still willing to spend good money on their rigs, while professionals are still buying plenty of workstations.

For the time being Rani said that Intel plans to continue making socketed processors. There is a market for them regardless of the huge interest in tablets, phones and new notebook form factors. Socketed CPUs are here to stay. So overclockers and gamers, you will continue to enjoy socketed processors at least for the next few years.

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