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Gadget buyers are arrogant

by on19 June 2008


Not just Apple users

An online study of 25,000 American adults found that gadget buyers are generally arrogant types who can't stop talking about how important they are, usually in a voice so loud you can hear it as far away as Belgium.

Sarah Welch, lead researcher at Internet ad network firm, Mindset Media that conducted the study in partnership with Nielsen Online, said that gadget buyers are the sort of blokes you don’t want to get stuck in a broken lift with. True, they are good leaders, dynamic and assertive, but modesty is a word not found in any dictionary they can search using their iPhones.

The study looked at 20 personality traits or "mindsets," including openness, creativity, self-esteem and spontaneity. Those who scored a five in leadership were 68 percent more likely to have purchased three or more computers in the past two years. Likewise, respondents who were rated highly in assertiveness were 62 percent more likely to purchase a new cell phone when the newest model arrived on the market.

If they had narrowed the survey further to 'Apple' users, they would have found smugness would have also been a major factor.
Last modified on 19 June 2008
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