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Halo 4 lead designer jumps ship

by on10 September 2013

Warner moves to Visceral Games

In what could turn out to be a very interesting move, via Twitter Halo 4 lead designer Scott Warner confirmed that he has departed 343 Industries for a new position at Visceral Games. At Visceral Games he will hold the position of Design Director.

While we don’t know what Warner will be working on at Visceral, it is thought that he is working on a yet to be announced Star Wars title that is targeted for the next gen consoles. The studio is said to be working on this new Star Wars title while they are taking a break from the Dead Space franchise. (Not surprising, really, considering the last Dead Space title was not all that and a bag of chips!)

It is difficult to say what this could mean for Halo 5, which fans know is already in development after 343 and after Microsoft teased it for the Xbox One at E3. Details on Halo 5 have been very few, but it is thought that the title will be part of what is now known as the Reclaimer Sega. It is unknown what role Warner might have had in working on Halo 5.

See Warner’s announcement here.


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