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G4 Network now in limbo

by on10 September 2013

Will not become the Esquire Network

We didn’t see this coming at all, but after some reflection it does seem to make sense. NBCUniversal will announce that they have pulled back from their original plan to rebrand and remake the G4 channel into the new Esquire Network. Instead, the company will have the Esquire Network take over the Style channel which the company believes is better positioned. (Better positioned translates into the fact that the Style channel is in 75 million homes when compared to G4, which is only in 62 million homes. G4 was dropped from many Satellite and Cable systems as viewership declined.)

As for the future of G4, that remains cloudy at best. At least for the time being, the channel will continue, but it is unlikely that the company will invest in more original programming for the channel. This, of course, leaves the channel in limbo. While many gamers and the tech crazy would like to see the channel get a makeover and bring back many of the popular shows from both the G4 and TechTV era, it does not seem likely at this point.

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