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New General Chaos game looks for funding

by on09 September 2013

Looks to Kickstarter to make it happen

If you had a Sega Genesis you might remember General Chaos and Brian Colin who is CEO of Game Refuge who worked on the original General Chaos is looking for funding to a reinvention of the title to life.

Colin and his clan at Game Refuge are looking to raise $125,000 to fund the development of General Chaos 2: Sons of Chaos for the PC. While stretch goals look to add touchscreen tablet support and ports to console systems.

The new version of the game will add mouse control and a 3D environment to enhance the experience, but it will keep the fast paced spirit of the original game intact. Online multiple player and LAN connectivity are a given if funding is successful.

General Chaos was a favorite of ours on the Genesis back in the day and we have to admit, that like the Mutant League games, this is another one that we would like to see happen. However, we have to admit that console and tablet versions are where we would like to play it.

Give the full scoop on the Chaos here.

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