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Another BlackBerry outage occurs

by on19 June 2008


This time, in Southeastern U.S.

Some BlackBerry users were unable to access their e-mail for at least four hours on Wednesday morning after the Blackberry e-mail network experienced a "high-level outage" this morning that affected all of the Southeastern U.S., according to

Some sources indicate that the outage has been resolved, while others claim that they are continuing to report service problems.

The Blackberry network had a major network outage in February of this year that left 12 million North American users offline for four hours, and a larger network outage in April of 2007, in which users were unable to access e-mail for more than 12 hours.

RIM was criticized after these two previous outages for relying on one data center in Waterloo, Ontario to handle all its North American messaging traffic. As a result, RIM recently purchased a second data center in Dallas, Texas.

It sounds like there are still some issues to be sorted out at RIM.

Last modified on 19 June 2008
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