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Joint copier company plans scrapped

by on29 August 2013

Samsung at the Sharp end

Sharp has called off talks with Samsung to jointly set up a copier sales outfit. According to the Kyodo, Sharp's decision came after other Japanese firms such as Canon opposed the idea claiming that key technology would fall into the paws of their South Korean technology giant.

The global copier market is dominated by Japanese companies like Canon, Ricoh, Konica Minolta and Sharp. They, along with U.S's Xerox Corp, hold about 80 percent of the global A3 copier sales. Sharp said that it will continue talks with Samsung to supply washing machines and refrigerators.

The proposal to jointly set up a copier sales company was being discussed after Sharp turned down Samsung's attempt to buy the business. The companies are still close Sharp received $106.24 million in investment from Samsung in March under a business and capital tie-up.

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