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Could Stephen Elop become next Microsoft CEO?

by on29 August 2013

Bookmakers think he could

British bookmakers have a long history of letting people bet on just about anything, from alien invasions to royal marriages and divorces. Now they’ve got a shortlist for the next Microsoft CEO and the bloke on the top of the list is none other than Stephen Elop.

Elop is apparently just what Microsoft needs at this point. The man who oversaw Nokia’s Windows Mobile push, which didn’t go too well, but then again if strategic vision was a measure of success in Redmond, Ballmer would have been out of a job ten years ago. Bookies give Elop a 5/1 chance.

Kevin Turner is second with 6/1, while Steve Sinofsky and Julie Larson-Green share the third spot with 8/1, reports CNET.

To be fair, Elop does have more hardware experience than most Microsoft execs, but it’s not like Nokia has been a huge success under his leadership. The Finnish giant is still struggling, although it makes some gorgeous Lumias. We were about to say that he understands mobile better than the average Redmond exec, but then were remembered Nokia is working on a Windows RT tablet.

Ten years ago post was probably the best job in the industry. Being a Microsoft CEO was a bit like having the captain’s seat from the USS Enterprise in the Oval office, and the Oval office in St Peters, Vatican. Now though, it’s a bit like a comfy armchair, in a presidential palace.

In Damascus. 

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