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Nintendo to slash Wii U price

by on29 August 2013

Drops by $50 starting September 20th

After saying over and over again that they would not be dropping the price of the Wii U, Nintendo confirmed that they will be slashing the price of the Wii U by $50, starting on September 20th. That will bring the Wii U price down to $299, but even at this price we doubt that buyers are going to be flocking to purchase one.

The Wii U lineup gets a makeover so to speak with the existing black deluxe model of the Wii U sticking around bundled with Nintendo Land and a new Zelda model that will include a black console, but the GamePad controller has an etched Zelda logo on it and you get codes to download digital copies of both Hyrule Historia Zelda lore book and a copy of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Walker HD. The Wii U Zelda bundle is due for release in early October.

Both console options will sport the 32GB of onboard flash memory and can of course be connected to any USB powered hard drive to expand the storage of the console even more. Nintendo has confirmed that the previously offered white colored unit with 8GB of onboard flash memory has been discontinued and at least for the time being the Deluxe configuration is what we should expect to see from the Wii U going forward.

The reality here is that while they have slashed the price and Nintendo is bringing out some additional software for the Wii U, the console still lacks the kind of software support necessary to make it successful. It is a very difficult position for Nintendo to be in, as developers and publishers don’t want to develop for the Wii U because they have not sold enough consoles and people are not buying the Wii U, so Nintendo isn’t selling more consoles. While we wish Nintendo good luck with their price drop, we just don’t see it making a lot of difference at this point.

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