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Microsoft teases Crackdown 3

by on23 August 2013

Still not yet officially confirmed

Once again Microsoft is teasing the possibility of a new game in the Crackdown franchise or Crackdown 3 if you will. While the game was not shown at Gamescom as many suspected, it does seem that Microsoft Studio’s head Phil Spencer at least wants us to believe that it is or will soon be in development with a developer in the UK.

Since Realtime Worlds is gone and Ruffian Games does not seem to want to be in the running to do Crackdown 3, it is a total mystery on who Microsoft either has in mind or might want to lead the charge to develop Crackdown 3.

Spencer does seem to see significant possibilities for Crackdown 3 when combined with the technology in the Xbox One. Apparently the abilities of the cloud technology are an area that Spencer thinks it could really benefit an open world game like Crackdown 3.

While there isn’t much to go on with what might be happening with Crackdown 3, it does at least appear that it is on Microsoft’s radar and it will make its way to the Xbox One at some point in the future.

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