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No news yet on the stuff purchased from THQ

by on23 August 2013

Nordic Game still working on a plan and the transaction

As we told you some time back, Nordic Games was the winning bidder for the remaining THQ assets. That included Darksiders, MX vs ATV, Titan Quest, Red Faction, as well as some others. Apparently despite hoping to have some sort of an announcement at Gamescom, the best that they could do was announce that they are still working on finalizing all of the transaction and formulating a plan for the future of what they are going to do with these franchises.

According to Nordic, the process is being slowed down due to the fact that there simply are not that many people still working at THQ and most of these people left are financial folks. Reinhard Pollice from Nordic says that “I have been visiting them a lot of times to make sure that we get everything that we actually want, or we should get as part of the purchase.”

While Pollice didn’t get into any specifics, MX vs. ATV and Titan Quest seem to the likely candidates for first new releases. Still Nordic is talking to former studio members for all of the franchises to evaluate what is possible. In the case of Darksiders for example, many of the key people are now at Crytek US and would not be available for the project, which could mean a new Darksiders could be much farther off.

As for what platforms Nordic would be releasing titles on, that too is still too early to speculate. While they have next-gen development kits it is too early to say if they will be moving in the direction of development only for the next-gen platforms.

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