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Gran Turismo 6 release date confirmed

by on22 August 2013

Only for PS3 on December 3rd in US

Sony has confirmed that the 6th installment of Gran Turismo will be released before Christmas as promised. It is scheduled for release on December 3rd in North America and December 6th in Europe. It will be a PlayStation 3 only release, and there are no plans to make it available or bring it to PlayStation 4 at this time, but that could change of course.

The big news with the release of Gran Turismo 6 is the included concept cars. Some of these concept cars are real and others are just concepts. Sony also confirmed that a Gran Turismo film is in development, but that it is inspired by the GT franchise and no additional details were available at this time.

Since there will be no Gran Turismo for the PlayStation 4, Sony’s new title DriveClub will be the big racing title for the PlayStation 4 at release. While it is expected that a a Gran Turismo title is in development for the PlayStation 4, Sony has released no details on when it might be expected to arrive, but it could be 2015 before it happens according to one source we spoke with.

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