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Pack-in title confirmed for Xbox One

by on21 August 2013

As suspected it will be FIFA 14 for Europe

Microsoft confirmed their plans to offer a free digital downloadable title as part of the Xbox One bundle. As we had already heard, it will be FIFA 14 for Europe, but while other bundles are planned we don’t yet have any details on what titles may be a part of these bundles.

In addition, while Microsoft is calling it a bundle or pack-in title, it is really a download code that will allow the buyer to download the title that is being bundled with the system. While that really isn’t a big deal since the system will include a 500GB hard drive, it is a bit different that we saw in the Xbox 360 title bundles of old. Only recently has Microsoft been transitioning to using more download codes as part of their 360 bundles.

So in Europe all pre-orders to date, plus future pre-orders of the Xbox One will include FIFA 14 while supplies last. Microsoft has indicated that additional titles will be bundled with the system once the FIFA 14 codes run out. There is no word yet on what the next title for Europe might be.

As for other regions, sources tell us that additional announcements are coming, but no one seems to know yet what other titles Microsoft has cut a deal on to bundle with the Xbox One. One thing is for sure, the cost of bundling these titles with the console was not cheap and for sure it show just how committed Microsoft is to narrow the price gap/value for the money between the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 which is $100 less.

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