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ID@Xbox is the new Self-Publishing program

by on21 August 2013

A new view on Independent Developers for Xbox One

Microsoft released the details of its new Self-Publishing program for the Xbox One during Gamescom. The new program which will be called Independent Developers @ Xbox (or ID@Xbox for short) will be headed by Chris Charla from Microsoft who has an excellent long time reputation working with developers and talking about Xbox Live Arcade.

The new self-publishing program is looking to be driven by those creating content for the platform and Microsoft looks to remove as many of the roadblocks as possible to making it work. Charla will be working directly with the developers and helping indie developers create innovative content for the Xbox One. The new program is very close to what Sony and Nintendo have in place for self-publishing which is a good thing.

Indie developers can apply with Microsoft at and developers with a proven track record of shipping games on consoles, PC, mobile, or tablet will be given priority when the initial phase of this program starts this fall. Developers that achieve approved registration with Microsoft will receive two Xbox One development kits at no charge and access to the console’s full feature set which includes cloud, Kinect, Xbox Live toolsets, and more.

While Microsoft is not requiring an exclusivity deal for the Xbox One, the company is asking for day one parity with other consoles as far as releases and features go. The revenue split for titles released on the Xbox One are a standard 70/30 split with the developer getting a 70% share and Microsoft getting a 30% share. This split is pretty much industry standard from what we have been able to learn.

Microsoft confirmed that all games will be located together under one roof so to speak in the Xbox One Store. It is difficult to gauge initial reaction from indie developers, but we suspect that this looks to address the majority of the concerns that they had and brings self-publishing on the level with the other consoles.


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