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Iron Man could be on DVD/Blu-ray by October

by on18 June 2008


Paramount working on the home versions

Perhaps one of the biggest surprise hit films is the Iron Man movie that kicked off the summer movie extravaganza. While the studios have been complaining of less than stellar ticket sales over the past couple of years, the movies of the summer of 2008 have really featured several excellent movies.

Iron Man is perhaps one of the movies expected to be a big seller when it is released on DVD and Blu-ray. After several reports had surfaced about proposed release dates, we went to the well and checked with our sources and it is, in fact, true that Paramount Studios is hard at work getting Iron Man ready to make its way onto DVD and Blu-ray.

While we don’t yet know what Paramount has in store for the DVD and Blu-ray editions of the movie, we expect details to surface perhaps as soon as mid-to-late July. According to our moles, a release could be as soon as September 30th if all goes as planned.

The timing might be adjusted a little depending on several factors, but we are hearing that it may appear shortly after the Godfather is released on Blu-ray on September 23rd. If we were going to bet on it, we would expect Paramount to pull out all of the stops and create a big time special edition for Iron Man, based on the success it has had and how popular it has become.

Last modified on 18 June 2008
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