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Syrians take out the Washington Post

by on16 August 2013

Helping Apple where-ever they can

The Washington Post, the rival to Apple’s unofficial press office the New York Times has been hacked by the Syrians loyal to Apple fanboy Bashar al-Assad.

For some time the pages of the Washington Post were redirecting some visitors to the website of the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA). The attack hit Outbrain, a content recommendation company that is used by scores of major media outlets across the web. This meant that the hackers were able to redirect some stories on the Washington Post's website to their own.

Outbrain, which is also used by The Daily Beast to display related content to readers, has not yet addressed the hack on its Twitter account. The US press can’t work out what the SEA hoped to archive with the hack. However it is fairly obvious to us.

Al-Assad and his missus love Apple gear, so it is clear that they have ordered the Syrian Electronic Army to protect Jobs’ Mob at all costs. This involves hitting rivals of its unofficial press office. With the Post out of the way, the New York Times would become the number one magazine in New York and its pro-Apple coverage would dominate. When you are fighting a civil war you need to protect your foreign allies and hitting the Post seems to be a sign of solidarity.

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