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Geek squad nicked my nude pics

by on14 August 2013

Woman sues computer repair people

A US woman found out what paedophiles everywhere already know, if your PC breaks don’t take it to Geek Squad to get fixed. (Oh Lord. Ed)

A Tuscaloosa woman is suing Best Buy, claiming members of its computer repair team Geek Squad nicked her nude snaps and posted them online. The University of Alabama art student has filed an invasion of privacy lawsuit against the company saying that she was devastated and humiliated by the events.

Apparently on August 2011, the plaintiff, who also worked at the Best Buy on McFarland Avenue, brought her computer to the store and paid to have a problem with her hard drive fixed. 

Two years later the plaintiff was notified by a co-worker that nude photos of her were circulating online. It appears that the Geek Squad employee took the photos from the plaintiff's computer, uploaded them to the Internet and also linked them on Pirate Bay.

The snaps were part of the plaintiff's class work at the University.

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