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Rockwell Collins buying ARINC

by on13 August 2013

IT for the commercial aviation industry

Rockwell Collins wants to acquire ARINC which is a communications and information processing solutions provider for the commercial aviation industry. We understand that the move will cost $1.39 billion.

ARINC offers wide range of services across aviation sectors, including pilots, operators, maintenance, passengers, controllers, regulators, security, and airport operations. It is expected to make $600 million in 2013 and provides communications and information processing for the rail, industrial security, and public safety segments.

The move will bring together two leading players in the field of aviation information management, combining ARINC's networks and services with the avionics and cabin technologies developed by Rockwell Collins. Rockwell Collins has just announced that it has teamed with NASA under a one-year contract to develop new software analysis tools to verify the safety of flight-critical systems for future commercial aircraft.

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