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Intel readying two frugal Haswells

by on07 August 2013

Celeron 2980U and Core i5-4300U

Intel’s Haswell rollout went well, but it wasn’t enough to revive the slumping PC market. Now it appears Intel is prepping two new low-voltage parts for affordable ultrabooks. The high end is already getting saturated and vendors don’t appear to be shipping that many Haswell laptops.

The 15-watt Celeron 2980U is targeting cheap ultrathins and ultrabooks. It is a dual-core chip clocked at 1.6GHz, no bells and whistles, no Hypertheading or Turbo. It has 2MB of L3 cache and an unspecified GPU.

The Core i5-4300U is a much more serious part and we suspect it won’t come cheap, either. It is a dual-core clocked at 1.9GHz, but it can hit 2.9GHz on Turbo. It is hyperthreaded and it has 3MB of L3 cache. The GPU of choice is the HD 4400 clocked at 200MHz to 1000MHz. The TDP is 15W.

Both chips are expected to show up in early Q4, reports CPU World

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