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Codemasters next to kill Online Pass

by on01 August 2013

F1 2013 will be the first title to do it

Codemasters will be killing off their VIP Pass (Online Pass) with the release of F1 2013. The decision comes in the wake of Electronic Arts announcing that they were doing away with the Online Pass system that the company pioneered and caused multiple other companies to follow suit.

With Codemasters getting rid of the VIP Pass, it means that second hand buyers of the F1 2013 and other titles going forward will be able to play online. Codemasters has also indicated that it had nothing to share on its back catalog of titles and if it will also be doing away with the Online Pass for those titles as well.

With the move by Codemasters, one can only wonder if others will also follow this strategy moving forward. So far attempts to find out if other publishers were considering making this move has ended with no new news to report.

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