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Samsung moves into Nokialand

by on16 June 2008


Coals to Newcastle

In a move that seems to be designed to insult its rival, Samsung is seeking to grow in Finland, which is the home of top player, Nokia.

The company is hoping its touch-screen phones will strike a chord with Finland, which is pretty much a Nokia-only shop. Samsung has six percent share in the market that is dominated by Nokia, which has about 86 percent share in its home market.

Samsung's Finland sales head, Mika Engblom, said his goal is to snare 15 percent share of the local market. It is not the first time that Samsung has made a bid to get sales in Finland.  In 2005 it introduced clamshell phones there, which did quite well. In a tit for tat deal Nokia has said that it is planning to enter the Korean market, but has not yet unveiled products there.

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Last modified on 16 June 2008
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