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Bing introduces child abuse pop-ups

by on29 July 2013

Blacklist compiled by experts

Microsoft's Bing search engine will be the first to introduce pop-up warnings for people in the UK who seek out online images of child abuse.

The notification will tell them the content is illegal and provide details of a counselling service. The move follows David Cameron’s attempts to block porn from the Internet to protect children. Yahoo, which uses Bing's technology on its search page, said it was considering a similar move.

But apparently Cameron is in full force wanting a Chinese style firewall to protect kids in the UK. Apparently this is a typical knee-jerk reaction after two high-profile murder trials heard how the killers searched for kiddy porn. Bing's pop-up warning, which only applies to searches conducted in the UK, is triggered when people enter words on a "blacklist" compiled by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (Ceop).

So far however attention is focusing on David Cameron's blacklist which includes weird things that he wants censored. His move to ban references to witchcraft, and occultism has angered the neo-pagan community.

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