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Intel and Toshiba warn about Alien Moustaches

by on26 July 2013

Bearding the problem in its lair

Chipzilla and Toshiba have issued a video which warns of the dangers of aliens that attack planets by disguising themselves as moustaches, attaching to faces and taking over people’s minds. Apparently these dangerous aliens, who have clearly took over the Village people, the San Francisio gay community, The Iraqi government and probably Noel Gallagher (who clearly had two of them posing as eyebrows) can be defeated by Toshiba gear powered by Intel chips.

The unlikely plot is part of a trailer goes live Thursday morning; short film episodes follow for six weeks and will start being screened on August 15. The sci-fi comedy is called “The Power Inside,” and stars Harvey Keitel. Since this is an American movie, the bad guy is played by Craig Roberts. The US always hire British bad guys partly because they are better actors, but mostly because they keep need to justify this silly revolution they had all those years ago.

The filme is directed by Will Speck and Josh Gordon, whose feature credits include “The Switch” and “Blades of Glory.” This creation is billed as a “social” film, in which viewers will be encouraged online to join various factions in the story. Among other things, a special app has been created to take their photos and superimpose a moustache on their faces.

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