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Rockstar Agent still in development?

by on24 July 2013

Trademark renewal suggest it is still coming

The game Agent from Rockstar that was announced in 2009 as a PlayStation 3 exclusive has been thought to be dead, as we have heard nothing officially since 2011 when they said the game was still in development.

There is a renewed sense of optimism for those wanting to see the espionage thriller finally get released. Rockstar Games has renewed the trademark for the game, which could indicate that development on the game is still proceeding. Of course, Rockstar has not commented one way or the other if this is the case.

While it could be nothing more than Rockstar protecting the work that they have done on the game to this point and hoping that work will proceed in the future, we suspect that this is an indication that development is proceeding, but with a small team and not at breakneck pace that most games are developed at these days.

It is almost too much to hope that Rockstar will issue a statement, but you never know. We think the mystery surrounding this game will continue till it gets much closer to release.

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