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Homeworld 1 & 2 coming to Windows

by on22 July 2013

Gearbox to release HD versions of both

Gearbox is apparently wasting no time in taking advantage of the acquisition Homeworld 1 & 2 that it purchased from THQ for $1.34 million.

According to announced plans at PAX Australia, Gearbox is in the process of porting both Homeworld 1 & 2 to Windows. As part of this process, the games will be upgraded to HD and then become available on digital software distribution platforms for Windows. (Gearbox isn’t saying which one, but we suspect that it will show up on Steam at some point.)

The Homeworld franchise was created by THQ developer Relic Games, which was sold to SEGA. Relic is currently working on Company of Heroes 2. According to Polygon, part of the development team that worked on Homeworld has left Relic and is working on a new RTS called Hardware: Shipbreakers.

Gearbox has expressed more than a passing interest in the Homeworld franchise, which is evidenced by the purchase from THQ; but so far the company has said nothing about a potential new chapter in the Homeworld saga. We have to think, however, if the HD Windows releases sell well, the company has to start thinking about the potential of another Homeworld release. Of course, Gearbox has said nothing about the possibility of something new in the future.

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