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Project Spark confirmed as free

by on19 July 2013

Creation & Sharing toolset available at no charge

When shown at E3 Project Spark caused quite a stir and it has finally gotten some additional details around it, the biggest of which is how much it is going to cost. Project Spark producer David Sapienza told the masses at San Diego Comic Con that the reason pricing had not been announced yet for Project Spark is because the creation and sharing toolset would be offered as a free-to-play/use title on Xbox One.

This decision leaves us with several questions. The first question is what, if any, content is going to be offered with Project Spark? The answer provided is that a “free pack” that contains hundreds of objects to use with Project Spark will be included with Project Spark. The fact that this pack is being offered for free seems to indicate that additional “Premium Packs” are going to be offered for Project Spark on a per purchase basis.

The bigger question is how the sharing will actually work and will there be a charge for this? This turns out to be all good news, with downloading of games created by others with Project Spark also at no charge. There has been no indication if you created game with Project Spark that you would be able or allowed to sell it.

Registration for the Project Spark Beta continues here.


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