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ISP ignores NSA spy request

by on16 July 2013

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They need a warrant

One Internet Service Provider (ISP) has refused to go along with the warrantless wiretapping antics of the NSA and has told the spooks to sling their hook.

XMission has made it public that it will not to comply with the US government's subpoena requests because they did not provide ‚Äúprobable cause," which the US Supreme Court ruled for in 1925. XMission founder Pete Ashdown said he would not allow the US spooks free access to his servers. Ashdown is no stranger to taking on the establishment.

Concerned about the lack of representation for web users, Ashdown ran for Senate in 2006 and 2012 against long-time Senator Orrin Hatch. He said he was opposed by PAC money and even the Democratic Party.

While XMission has been praised by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and others, it currently only offers services within Utah, so it is not going to have a huge impact on the men in black.

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