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Mac Mini is EOL

by on13 June 2008


Could be replaced with the Mac Nano?

According to insiders, Apple has told partners that they should not expect any more shipments of the Mac Mini. The Mac Mini has not been updated and should be receiving the official EOL signal in the next couple of weeks, if not days.

Speculation is already ripe that Apple is planning on replacing the Mac Mini with a new Mac Nano, which will combine the Apple TV platform with the Mac Nano platform to be able to share many production parts in an effort to reduce costs.

According to reports the Mac Nano will be smaller, which raises the question if Apple will move to a mobile Intel CPU or maybe even a custom chip package with a GPU to provide the necessary graphics performance that many believe hurt the sales of later Mac Mini(s) when Apple started using Intel’s integrated graphics.

Look for an announcement before back to school sales start, as we doubt that Apple will want to miss the chance to cash in on back to school generated revenue.
Last modified on 13 June 2008
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