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No Zune phone on the horizon

by on13 June 2008


No plans to do one anytime soon

Microsoft is normally not a company to sit on the sidelines and let a good idea pass them by, but this time Microsoft is saying publically that while they will continue to supply the OS that powers some smart phones, they have no intention of jumping into the smart phone market with their own phone.

While some analysts continue to speculate that Microsoft has been studying Apple’s iPhone success and is looking to jump into the fray with what some are calling the “Zune Smartphone,” Microsoft continues to claim that they see no reason to do so because Windows mobile devices will outsell the Apple iPhones and the RIM BlackBerry phones.

Suggesting that they have no interest in a market segment before launching a new product is nothing new to Microsoft, as they have done this many times in the past. While the Zune has not had as much success in taking on the iPod as Microsoft would perhaps like, it still remains possible. Our sources still seem to indicate that while Microsoft continues to look at possible options in producing a phone of their own, they have no plans to move in that direction at this time.

Based on Apple’s experience with the iPhone, entering the cell phone market could be a risky endeavor for Microsoft. While they have not shut the door all of the way on the possibility, at least for the time being they appear to be happy to just supply the OS that is running on some smart phones.

Last modified on 13 June 2008
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