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Stop US spying, shut Facebook Venezuela urges

by on11 July 2013


Comrades you are US government informers

Sharing pictures of your cats, and what you ate is turning you into a CIA informer, a Venezuelan government minister said yesterday. 

Prisons Minister Iris Varela urged citizens to shut Facebook accounts to avoid being unwitting informants for the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. "Comrades: cancel your Facebook accounts, you've been working for free as CIA informants. Review the Snowden case!" she wrote Prisons Minister Iris Varela on her Twitter account. 

Venezuela has offered to provide asylum for Snowden, but he has not responded and appears unable to leave the transit zone of Sheremetyevo International Airport. "Countries and people that have fallen victim to gringo spying should sue the United States to ensure fair compensation. We're going to bankrupt the US economy!" wrote Varela, known for radical rhetoric and ardent support of the late socialist leader Hugo Chavez.

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