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XBLA prices going up?

by on11 July 2013

32% increase coming with update

Sources are confirming to us that part of the upcoming 2013 Fall Dashboard update will not only include a move to local currency, but price increase on Xbox Live Arcade titles. What is not clear yet is if this is an intentional part of the dashboard update, or if this is just a kink that needs worked out during the beta.

According to sources that claim to be participating in the beta, the price increases that they have seen are as much as 32%. Multiple reports do seem to confirm, however, that the price increases are across the board. Of course, reports that Microsoft has been generous with conversions of Microsoft Points to local currency might explain the price increases.

Microsoft has had no comment on the price increases and we don’t expect them to comment publically, as the 2013 Dashboard Update is still in beta. If it does end up that XBLA prices are going up, it surely does seem like another bad news story that will not help Microsoft.

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