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EA to raise prices $5 for next-gen titles?

by on10 July 2013

Rumors suggest this is the plan going forward

Sources from a large retailer are telling us that several large retailers have been informed by Electronic Arts that they will likely be raising the retail price of titles for both next-gen consoles. This means that if EA moves ahead with this plan pricing for most Xbox One and PlayStation 4 titles, these EA titles will carry an MSRP of $64.99.

The price increase will apparently not apply to Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 releases and could also not apply to each and every next-gen release from the publisher; but it is expected that the majority of releases will carry the increased price tag. The reason for the price increase might be attributed to the decision to drop the Online Pass requirement that EA was using in the majority of its titles.

If EA moves forward with the plan to increase prices on the majority of its next-gen titles, it will put it out of step with Microsoft and Sony, who have confirmed that their current plans call for their 1st party releases to carry the same $59.99 retail price they have always carried.

We suspected that at least some publishers were going to make a move to increase the revenue that the publisher was seeing from each new title sold. (We have been hearing this even before the announcement of both the Xbox One and PS4!) The cost to make games continues to escalate, and the costs of failure or titles not selling as well as necessary to recoup costs are higher than ever. Sources are also warning us of publishers planning an even stronger emphasis on DLC and add-ons that will be ready and offered right at launch to help pad the revenue stream for next-gen releases.

Last modified on 10 July 2013
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